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Advertising and branding
Advertising and branding

Research for advertising agencies and companies is a core element of EJC's business. Every year we conduct over 40 projects in this area, covering developments in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Topics range from new marketing case studies and global branding strategies of successful corporations to analyses of specific product sectors.

The rapidly changing and exciting nature of this sector, with its frequent product launches as well as new advertising and marketing techniques, is reflected in the way we respond to clients. Not only do we supply new ideas, evaluations of successes and failures, and in-depth strategic analyses, but we also present our findings in a stimulating and visual way, fully reflecting the vibrancy of the sector.

  • Bank Communication – case studies
  • Car branding communication
  • Communication activities by large consumer brands
  • Consumer Empowerment
  • CSR in the USA and Europe – case studies
  • Digital signage innovations in the UK
  • Environmental campaigns in Europe – case studies
  • Global brands' visual identity in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • Greenwash campaigns worldwide
  • M&A branding
  • Skincare companies in North America and Europe
  • Television broadcast systems in Europe
  • University Branding in Europe and North America

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