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Other Japan-focused services
Other Japan-focused services

We can provide a wide variety of other services, including.

  • Support for government bids EJC supports clients in their submission of government bids. As a research partner, EJC provides clients with additional information and insight to include in a proposal when the project includes international research components.

  • Field research/ Home visits We can organise consumer interviews and field research where desk research needs to be supplemented by quantitative or qualitative research. We ensure high quality results whatever the target audience by working with regular partners in the UK and continental Europe. Reports can be produced in Japanese, and simultaneous interpretation arranged for clients who wish to attend discussions in person.

  • Conference attendance Europe is a hub for international conferences on topics ranging from energy and environment, and economy and finance, to advertising and R&D. These are a vital way of equipping oneself with the most up-to-date information, as well as developing networks. EJC can attend such conferences on behalf of clients and produce a report providing the latest information and useful contacts in Europe.

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