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Here is a selection of our past projects:

consumer issues

  • Distance selling regulations in Europe
  • Regulations on internet piracy in Europe
  • Tourism policy in Europe


  • Business and industry involvement in education programmes in Europe and North America
  • ICT and lifelong learning in Finland
  • Occupational training schemes in Europe

food safety/ labelling

  • Food labelling in Europe
  • Food safety agencies in Europe and health impact assessments


  • Flood prevention and drought management plans in Europe
  • Strategies by European Companies in the infrastructure and service sectors in the BRIC countries
  • Use of road-side space in Europe and North America



  • Regulations on sustainability reporting in Europe
  • Reporting of intangible assets in companies' annual reports – rules and practice


  • Food banks and food charities in the UK and Poland
  • Recruitment of social workers in Europe
  • The community development finance sector in the UK


  • Bicycle safety in Europe – regulation and practice
  • Suicide prevention measures in the UK
  • Work-life balance in Europe – a comparative study

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